Friday, May 15, 2009

Ward Suggestion Box - First Round

Well, we've had the suggestion box up now for just over a week, so I thought I'd post what we have so far. There are some mighty-good suggestions already - and some really lame ones. You decide which are which, and add your own if you like.

  • Mini-refrigerator stocked with cold Mt. Dew for Elder's Quorum
  • A better selection of table cloths and flower arrangements for Relief Society
  • A, 'preferred,' calling spreadsheet where members can prioritize the callings that they'd like the Bishop to feel inspired to call them to
  • Home Teaching Hall-of-Shame list on the bulletin board for dead-beat HT'ers
  • Nose hair clipper to pass around HP Group meetings on Sunday

    1. I like the Mt. Dew and "preferred" calling ideas. The nose hair clipper idea, while necessary, doesn't sound sanitary. OK, frankly, kind of gross.

      Instead, perhaps we could just list the High Priests who need their nose hairs clipped in the ward bulletin. Come to think of it, no. The list would be too long. Maybe we need a talk on weekly clipping of the nose and ear hairs. Wow, I can't believe I'm so obsessed on this.

    2. Michael - Yes, it seems a topic close to your heart. Hmmm...

      Perhaps to ease the understandable sanitary concerns, we'll also get one of those glass jars of blue juice that they have in the barber shops and dip the clippers before passing them.

    3. How about cell phone/ipod/kindle chargers in every pew? So many of us access our scriptures electronically these days...

    4. Pat - Nice try. I don't think that reading your scriptures requires both hands on the iPod furiously moving it back and forth. I feel inspired that this suggestion would only be used in extending the gaming time on these devices. All of you young, non-gendered whipper-snappers are the same.

    5. The "preferred calling spreadsheet" made my day! Could I put in a plug in for a shortened "2-hour" church day, with a pot-luck "linger-longer" afterwards? (at the very least on Fast Sunday)