Thursday, October 1, 2009

General Conference Jitters - Continued

Here we are, back where we were six short months ago. And again, with General Conference approaching rapidly I'm feeling that this time I just might be receiving the call to join the Major Leagues. Over the past six months I've really focused on building my resume and mingling with the visiting General Authority Brethren during Stake Conference.

Just to be clear, I've lowered my sights from going directly into the Q12, to starting out as a humble Area President or Seventy. What are we up to now, like twenty quorums of the Seventy? Surely there's room for a humble, handsome Bishop from Spanish Fork. It's only 45 minutes from Salt Lake. They've called some Seventies that live farther away than that, although none come quickly to mind.

So, if there are no new posts for several weeks on the Spanish Fork 401st Ward Blog site, you can safely assume that I've received The Call. Or that I had a heart attack and passed into eternal child-making bliss, and if that's the case, just know that you're all welcome to visit my planet any time you like. Wait - are we all on the same planet, just different cities? I think I'm having a melt-down from all the excitement.


  1. It seems that the easiest route to the Quorum of the Seventy right now is to be a resident of some part of the developing world. Gives the cameras more non-Western-European-looking faces to zoom in on between speakers in General Conference, you know.

    Anyway, sorry—judging by your profile picture, it's not likely to happen this round.

  2. LatterDayS - Perhaps a Seventy over Sweden? I think they still send us up-tight whities there? Ok, so I'm not really up-tight - but I can look that way during an interview, if needed.