Thursday, March 25, 2010

YM & YW April Activity Calendar

In the past I've taken some heat from parents of the Young Women who, for what ever reason, feel that there's a discrepancy in YM & YW's activities and funding. So, I'm happy to point out that in April we're going all-out and paying for a professional, EFY-certified speaker for the YW!

YW/YM Calendar for April:
April 6th
  • YW – Combined activity: “Quilting for Haiti”
  • YM – Combined activity: Soccer and hot dog BBQ at the Spanish Fork Sports Complex

    April 13th
  • YW – Baptisms for the Dead
  • YM – Due to the one year temple ban for our YM from issues during the last visit, the YM will have to unfortunately go swimming at the Springville pool.

    April 20th
  • YW – Combined for guest speaker from EFY program, Carol Barksith, “Charity Suffereth Long”
  • YM
    Deacons – Shotgun merit badge
    Teachers – Archery merit badge
    Priests – Guest speaker from Electronic Arts, Mark Spitzer, “Exciting Career Opportunities in Video Game Design”

    April 27th
  • YW & YM Combined – Service project TBD

    1. Bishop,

      it looks like the plan to break the spirits of these young ladies is being well executed in our ward. These spirit-breaking activities are the best way to ensure that these young ladies will grow into subservient wives someday. It is sure nice having someone to boss around at my house! My wife doesn't even question why she has to do all the work while I am off doing, ahem, "the Lords work". She doesn't even question what I am doing when I am gone all day on Sunday and three or four evenings during the week. Meanwhile she has to take care of the housework, run errands, deal with kids, do the shopping, help with homework, make our meals, keep up with the laundry, take meals to those women who have just birthed, volunteer with the PTA, etc. etc. God, I love this religion. It is the only religion out there that strictly enforces the good Lords divine roles for men and women. This is just so awesome!

      See you Sunday!

    2. Thanks Bishop Y.! You've made my day!

    3. Monomo, thank you for your thoughts. After many years of inactivity, I finally see the merits of church attendance. I'll see you on Sunday!

    4. Thanks Bishop. We need more bishops like you.

    5. Glad to see we're all in this together. That's the spirit! Well, ok, I did sense a hint of sarcasm from you today, Monomo. We might just have to see if being the Ward Nursery Leader will diminish that sarcasm...

    6. MontelloOffGrid,

      I'm glad we see eye to eye. Just between you and me, there are many other benefits of this one true church if you know how to work the system. For example, I haven't spent money at the supermarket in well over a year. I do all my shopping at the Bishop's storehouse. Another example, I had the elder's quorum reroof my house last summer and all I did is supervise and serve lemonade. Additionally, I have moved four times in the past 9 years and I have never had to lift a finger. I made the Preists move everything the last time! (They had to move my waterbed and I didn't even drain out the water). I'm telling you dude that this religion Rocks! Things get even better (in a spicy sort of way) when you roll into the celestial kingdom. I'll pull you aside on Sunday and we'll talk. Just come grab me after sacrament meeting.


      I'd love to take that a nursury job but unfortunately I hurt my back again. I'm in no condition to chase around those sweet little darlings. I'm just so dissapointed! while were on the subject, I need to get an appointment with you to see if I can get some assistance in paying for my chiropractor and massage therapist again. I'm just not going to heal without some help. Let me know what day works best for you.



    7. Great blog, glad I stumbled onto it. Quilting for Haiti -- love it!

    8. Bishop I am worried that our YM are participating in all these physical activities without any refreshments. Would it not be a great opportunity for service for our YW to provide refreshments? Not only would it benefit the YM, but would be a great step towards training the YW to be proficient in the kitchen.

    9. ok, ok I get it now... geez I'm slow sometimes. Very funny stuff, much more upbeat than the dreary 'Joe smith is a dooch' blogs ;)