Monday, October 12, 2009

Only in Utah

I was enjoying a little heaven-on-earth this weekend at the best pizza restaurant in Utah County - Nicoitalia Pizzeria. I noticed this sign and couldn't stop laughing. Only in Utah...


  1. Hmmmmmm.....The question of a $1.59 being worth our eternal happiness is almost impossible to answer without a little more information. For instance, is it hot or cold outside? Are we talking about coffee, Tab, Coke, Diet Pepsi, or Sprite? Have we had impure thoughts of any kind today, prior to our drink dilemma, that already guarantees our spot in a lower kingdom? Did we just come out of confession with the bishop or are we about to go in?

    See, if it's the middle of summer and an ice cold Coke is generating vivid dreams of refreshment, like unto those created while closely following MY hostess to the table, and my slate cleaning appointment with the bishop is tonight.....then BOTTOMS UP BABY!

    P.S. Next time in Zion, I'll be visiting Nicoitalia Pizzeria and I'll pay double for the drink...if the sign is still up!!!!

  2. The sign is posted on the soft drink dispenser. Nicoitalia is located next to the Albertson's on University Parkway in Provo, for those looking for the best pizza (and funniest signs) in Zion.