Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Classic Mormon Art

After the holidays have past and the Christmas decorations have been taken down, we usually feel it's a good time to refresh our house decorations. Like all active Mormons, we like to fill some of our walls with familiar Mormon art, just in case some of The Brethren stop by to issue a promotion.

So, here are a few of the classics that we're considering. If you have some you'd like to suggest, please post a photo or link.

We prefer the smiley, pirate Jesus over the serious pirate Jesus. I just love the open collar and toothy-smile look. It makes me think Jesus is saying, 'Hey Bro, it's all good. Don't worry so much.':

Perhaps something truly unique to Mormons:

I picked out this gem, but Sister Young shot it down for some reason. Maybe I shouldn't have referred to it as, "Jesus goes all FLDS":


  1. Nothing like a little attendance at the 401st ward art gallery to set my day on the right track. Thanks Bishop and please tell your wives the cheesy potatoes at the Christmas party were dynamite!

  2. MontelloOG - That's 'wife' in the singular, please! I'm even a strong supporter for this arrangement in the afterlife.