Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Ward Callings

Look at who's about to receive untold blessings - mostly in the afterlife:

  • Marilyn Mathers - Ward Gossiper (might as well make it official)

  • Ron Studdard - Ward Parking Valet- another perk I thought of for the Uber-Tithers

  • Mark Landress - Ward Sports Updater - I decided that having one man listen to the big Sunday games, and provide some timely feedback, might motivate more men to stay the full three hours, instead of catching the Fall Football cold.

  • Shirley Dowen - Ward Boy Scout badge seamstress

  • Todd and Susan Templeton - Ward Obama supporters

    1. So, is the Gossip calling a lifelong position, like Patriarch? 'Cause I know a few ladies who might like having a turn. Just curious.

    2. Elizabeth - The 'Ward Gossiper' calling isn't necessarily life-long (although it tends to be the case whether it's official, or not). However, it's certainly not an exclusive calling for one member per Ward. At any given time, I'd guess that each Ward has at least 8-9 semi-official Ward Gossipers, so send in the list!