Monday, February 9, 2009

Uber-Tithe Initiative

In initiating the new, 'Ubber-Tithe' program, we're hoping to highlight those that go the third-mile in personal sacrifice. This program is designed for those willing to contribute 15% of their income and will include the following perks:

  • Reserved 1/2 bench for Sacrament meeting (full bench for those with 7, or more, kids)

  • Refreshment in kitchen between 2nd and 3rd hour

  • Shuttle service to-and-from Church December-March

  • Computer cleaning for when the 'kids' wander onto 'those' sites

  • Free breath mints and/or gum on Fast Sunday (please, someone share these with Sister Merrill)

  • Signed copy of Janice Kapp Perry's CD, 'Come to the Manger'

  • Dinner for two with Steve Young (just kidding!)

  • Further suggestions?


    1. So, what do we get if we donate say . . .30%? That would be after taxes are taken out, of course.

    2. What if I only donate 5% and give myself a something nice each and every month:).