Monday, February 9, 2009

J.o.D. Gem #1 - The Fall of Rome

I believe the majority of Church lore and many LDS urban legends (along with a great deal of spiritual insight) are taught to kids during their seminary years. My teachers also tended, at times, to echo thoughts that they must have received at John Birch Society conventions or other extremely-conservative, pre-Rush Limbaugh sources.

One example that I remember is our teacher telling us that homosexuality brought down the Roman Empire. So, as a youngster I envisioned Rome filled with a bunch of merry-men strolling arm-in-arm down the streets of Rome. It wasn't until seeing Russel Crowe in The Gladiator (edited-version, of course) that all of these thoughts were vanquished.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Brigham Young did not state that the fall of Rome occurred due to homosexuality, but rather monogamy. That's correct - not man-with-man love, but man-with-only-one-woman love. Brigham heaped the evils of lust, fornication and prostitution at the feet of monogamy.

It's only my guess that not many women were in attendance at this meeting...

Journal of Discourse, Vol. 11, page 128 . (Click on 'Access this item' at the top of the page to access the text.)

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