Monday, February 9, 2009

JoD Gem's Overview

For those of you not familiar with the Journal of Discourses, it's a compilation of many of the speeches of the early Church leaders. Sort of like the current General Conference Ensigns, but also covering regular meeting talks by leaders. Early Saints were admonished to purchase and study from these compilations.

Some interesting things were recorded back-in-the-day that aren't exactly 'PC,' by today's standards and tend to make Saints today scratch or shake their heads. As the years pass, I almost get the feeling that if The Brethren could, they'd jettison the majority of these gems of history.

So, in preservation of our shared heritage I thought it might be interesting as we study early Church history this year in the D&C to dig into some of the interesting topics discussed in these volumes for supplementary information.

For reference, all Journal of Discourse entries will be linked to BYU JoD archives where the full text may be read at your leisure.

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