Friday, February 13, 2009

Clarification on "Hoe's"

I have to apologize for my initial reaction in Ward Council as Sister Larson brought up Sisters in our Ward and the issue of "hoe's." After chastising her for referring to our Ward Sisters in such a degrading manner, I realized she was talking about pantyhose usage. So, I thought some clarification on this issue is warranted.

First of all, I assure you that this is a conversation that would only ever be brought up in the United States. The prospect of most women around the world wrapping their legs in a petroleum by-product, just to look tan and sheer, is a non-starter. Other things, like food and heating, are just higher on the list of priorities.

Pantyhose were invented in 1959. So, for those of you imagining Emma Smith introducing pantyhose-wearing as a requisite for attendance to Relief Society - you can imagine no-more.

Please, move beyond the issue of judging people by such a silly, out-dated thing.

Now, non-leg-shavers - that's a whole other issue...

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