Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Ward Callings

Sister Grissel - Breath mint dispenser. Please send anonymous requests to Sis. Grissel to place those halitosis suffers on her 'hit list.' Better they suffer a bit of embarrassment than you suffer through two hours of sucking air in under your coat jacket.

Brother and Sister Morgan - Ward Activity Leaders. When the Lord blesses you so greatly with that new ski boat and SUV, the least you can do is help others see the light. Utah lake in the summer, baby!

Brother and Sister Jackson - Nursery Leaders. No, this isn't pay-back for their child wetting themselves on my lap during the last sharing time. Really. I promise.


  1. Dear Bishop,
    Would you please let Sister Grissel know that I do not have halitosis and that I do not need to be handed a breath mint each and every time I raise my hand in Sunday School. You need to think about calling someone that is a little more discrete to be the breath mint dispenser. P.S. I noticed that Sis. Grissel is downing a couple of containers of breath mints herself each Sunday. You may want to think about limiting her breath mint budget or suggest that she start buying generic!

  2. As to the comment about Sis. Grissel downing many of the mints herself: why do you think she was called to this position?