Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ward Policy Update

Not to let the Catholics have a leg up on us in bring back a past hit, our Ward was recently selected for a pilot program for the dispersement of limited 'indulgences'. To simplify this and not to seem as if we've borrowed their ideas, they will be referred to as a, 'sin pass.'

These sin passes are good for one sin per pass, not including The Big Three (please see me if you're not familiar with The Big Three). The sin pass is obtained only from the Bishop with an interview where good deeds and large donations are performed beyond the typical expectations.

Instead of then talking to the Bishop about an issue that concerns you, the sin pass can just be ripped up along with the guilt of that sin. Please note that the pass does not cover recurring sins - only one instance per pass.

For those not familiar with the idea behind indulgences, I'd recommend the following articles:



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