Monday, February 9, 2009

Ward Hugging Policy

It's come to my attention, that there are several Brethren of the Ward that have extended friendly hugging of Sisters into borderline-molesting. To address this issue, avoid embarrassment(and possible prosecution), please observe the following:

  • No hugs lasting longer than 3 seconds

  • No hugging of Sisters who would in all other realities be out of your league

  • If you hug a married Sister, you must also hug her husband for the same duration (still observing the 3 second rule)

  • No repeat hugging of the same Sister the following week, unless initiated by the Sister

  • Regardless of how, 'prompted by the Spirit,' you feel to hug these Sisters, chances are that these feelings are coming from another source (see instruction on Distinguishing Spirits ).

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    1. Can you make sure this blog gets into the bishop's handbooks?