Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Impending Doom Preparation

I've received a large number of inquiries as to the state of preparation of our Ward for the impending collapse of global financial system and the resulting state of wide-spread panic that may follow. So, I decided to publish some information for your reference in a worst-case scenario:

Ward HQ Location - The Hunsakers house. After moving the Hunsakers in their house last fall, along with their five, fully-stocked gun safes and crates of ammo, I'm designating their house to be the place where we, as a Ward, make our headquarters and last stand (if it comes to that). Having access to the Hunsakers' HAM radio is also a plus.

Ward Water Supply - Sponsored by the Sorensons. Like me, you've most likely noticed that half of the Sorensons garage is stacked with plastic water barrels, just waiting for the Big-One. So, in the case of an extreme emergency, we'll be moving this water to the Hunsakers' home. Sure, it's going to taste like drinking from un-filtered Salem pond water, but at least it's wet.

Ward Food Supply - Petersons, Hunsakers, and Smiths. After personally inspecting all Ward family's food supplies, it looks like these three are in the best spot to help out the rest of the Ward. Between them, there are enough MRE's to feed Johnson's army for three years. That should be plenty of time to build up our own supplies of corn, wheat, and dog.

More details coming...


  1. It may be a probably that the Hunsakers have the gun supply and food supply!! They have enough ammo to run the rest of us "unprepared" people off of their property. Better keep brainstorming bishop!

    P.S. I don't have any food storage, but I do have a porty potty I am willing to share!

  2. Yup - can't wait to use the ol' porta-potties. Nothing like the Ward gathered around someone as they squat on top of a 5-gallon bucket on a hot July afternoon.