Monday, March 9, 2009

Some Mormon Humor

You know you're in Utah County when:

  • A map of your Ward boundary covers only four blocks
  • Temple Recommends can be used as a second form of ID at the bank or Macy's
  • You think women shouldn't have kids past 33, since 34 kids are just way too many
  • You post-date checks written on Sundays
  • Your spouse's mother was pregnant at your wedding

    1. Dear Bishop Young,
      Are you really this funny, or have you been browsing joke sites on the Internet? You know what the old Japanese Proverb says, "When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at how many jokes he steals off the Internet."

    2. Sister Vanessa,

      We may have to set up an interview this Sunday to discuss this. Could you please wear that nice red dress and the leather boots?

      Bishop M. Young

    3. Dear Bishop Young,

      I am really enjoying your blog and hope that you continue with your witty reflections on life.

      Here is a question to think about. I, too, am a fast pitch softball fanatic but am having trouble finding a team to play on. Two years ago I was injured in a skiing accident at Snowbird where I went headfirst into a large pine tree. Since then I have had blurred vision and somewhat eratic walking. My ward team will not allow me to participate because of possible liability issues. Would you have a place on your team for someone with my disabilities. Since the collision my batting average has been poor but I get put on base alot. I think opponents feel they can get an easy double play at second. Please advise. Thanks, Sean