Monday, March 9, 2009

To All the Youth

As we prepare again for Springtime, the time when young hormones run rampant, I thought it would be appropriate to remind the Ward youth of the following tidbits of advice that I've picked up over the years.

"A back rub in the front room leads to a front rub in the back room." - Bishop Maxwell, BYU 146st Ward

"A shower over 10 minutes is the devil's playground." - Mission President Bluthe

"What would Mitt do?" - Bishop Young

For the youth that do not follow this good advice, I'll be starting up the annual extended interview days March 21st - June 19th. During that period, interviews can be scheduled Sunday afternoon 2:30-5pm, Tuesday evenings 8-9pm, and Thursday evenings 7-9pm.


  1. Dear Bishop Young,

    In our ward last fast Sunday a member gave a power point presentation during her testimony and spent twenty minutes sharing her conversion story, with photos of family, ancestors and pictures of her recent trip to the Bahamas. Do you think that this was appropriate or is it simply the future of testimony meetings? Please advise.


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  3. If this is not the future of Testimony meeting it should be.....possibly along with drums and guitar to go with the piano solos. Maybe if this were the case I could stay awake more often.


  4. Amen to the backrubs......spent many a Sunday afternoon in confessional.....oh I mean the Bishops office, in the club house of King Henery, all over what started out as a backrub in the front room.