Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ward Spotlight - Pick the Ailment

As a sort of Ward Spotlight, I thought it'd be fun for everyone to try and match up the following Ward members with their current ailment. See me on Sunday for the answer sheet.

1. Sister Carpenter
2. Sister Lowe
3. Brother Jackson
4. Sister Arrington

a. Thyroid problem
b. Erectile dysfunction
c. Depression
d. Restless leg syndrome

I guess I should have included at least one more man in the roundup. Next time.

1 comment:

  1. Yea, Bishop! Not a great matching game with only 1 man available for the erectile disfunction. How embarrassing for poor Brother Jackson! It's strange that his wife is always so cheerful! Hmmm . . . This is not a very kind survey, but I do appreciate knowing who is having problems right now. I am in the kitchen right now whipping up some fresh homebaked pies for each of those you listed. I don't know how a pie will help Sister Arrington with her restless legs (she accidentally kicked me during Relief Society on Sunday), but at least she'll know I'm thinking of her.