Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angel Louis, Is That You?

As most of you know, the angel on top of the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan was struck by lightning this weekend and left Angel Moroni looking more like Louis Armstrong blowing a trumpet. See story and pictures here.

Well, we just received the official word from The Brethren, that this was not a sign from God, and should not be taken as such. Lightning, as it turns out, is just very attracted to large, metal objects sticking high into the sky and no judgments need to be made by its being blackened by lightning.


  1. :-). I think any reasonable person figured that one out (smile).

    Are they going to take Moroni down for repairs, leave him as is,...?

  2. Maybe you should have read the link then. It said it would be repaired.

  3. Was getting that snarky really necessary? After all, not everyone has time to follow EVERY link to EVERY story, especially when they're not quite totally awake to begin with and missed said link.

  4. Okay go ahead, point and laugh! Yes our temple was struck by lightning. All you critics of the ONE true church are having a good laugh right now! I know that you heathens out there are claiming that this unfortunate event is a "sign from God", but you are wrong! To reemphasize a point made by Bishop Young, you can't fairly judge the church using a single event that you "perceive” is a clear sign from God. A reasonable person would consider the science behind it before issuing a verdict, either for or against the church. Through science, we know that lightning is attracted to metallic objects extending into the sky. Lighting rods are not some new fangled invention! This is science that has been commonly understood and accepted as absolute for decades! We wouldn't want to completely disregard legitimate science from a non-bias source when weighing the truthfulness of a religion! In particular, we wouldn’t want to throw science out the window to fixate on a single natural event which some perceive as a "sign from God"? If you critics out there are foolish enough to rely on a "perceived sign from God" to judge the LDS church then be warned--you are gambling with your soul.

  5. FelixAndAva - I'd imagine it's fixed by now, with the Open House, and all. I haven't verified yet.

    MotherToMany - Let's play nicely. Remember those who don't end up in the Nursery or Gospel Doctrine teacher!

    Monomo - A hint of sarcasm, I do smell...

  6. Dear Bishop Young,

    I would love to do my imatation of Satchmo for you at your next ward talent show. I can blow on the trumpit and Mother made me a special silk hankerchef that hangs out of my sleeve. I also use shu polish for spacial effects. Thanks,


  7. Bishop Young,

    Sarcasm!? I'm not sure what you mean. I want to testify to you that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is the ONE true church. I testify to all who visit this site that if you will accept Moroni's promise, and pray with a sincere heart and real intent, God will manifest the truthfulness of the gospel to you, through personal revelation. Even though Moroni was recently struck by lightning, his promise still stands firm in the truth and light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The feeling you will get when you ask with real intent and a sincere heart will be much more powerful than any bolt of lightning. (Legal disclaimer: I am speaking metaphorically because I've never actually been struck by lighting. Having said that, I can imagine what it feels like and it isn’t as powerful as my personal revelation was.) Savvy?