Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What to Expect When You're Expecting in Spanish Fork 401st Ward

Sister Wheeler, our wonderful Relief Society President, has come up with a great get-to-know-you idea that she's started to implement at all Ward baby showers. The contest is to see who can keep their hand over the expecting mother's stomach the longest.

While in this close proximity, the Sisters enjoy some great bonding time, can share casserole recipes and provide pointers for coping with discontinued Xanax use during a pregnancy. The winner of each contest gets a gift certificate for Cold Stone. Let the touching begin!


  1. Bishop,

    I was involved in a similar activity back when I was a youngster in the church-sponsored Scouting program. It is difficult for me to talk about, but I should mention that some of the parents were upset when they found out about it. I don't want to discourage opportunties for "bonding" but we need to be careful that the "bonding" doesn't result in excommunication, prison sentences, and years of therapy. Just some food for thought. See you Sunday.

  2. Monomo - They had Scouts touching an expecting lady's stomach? Strange, indeed.

    I remember myself the good-ol-days of Scouting when they still allowed Scout Masters to perform nightly, 'tick checks,' and play 'steamroller' with the boys in the tents. Those were the days...