Friday, July 10, 2009

Ward Suggestion Box

Another week, another group of suggestions. Ok, it's been a few weeks, but here's what I found in the suggestion box yesterday:

  • Call a couple as the bathroom facilitators - similar to fancy restaurants and hotels, this person would assist the younger children from primary do their business. They could also hand paper towels to the adults. (Shoe shines were also suggested, but that's just taking it too far, in my opinion.)

  • Plan an adult-only trek this winter from the top of Deer Valley ski resort, to the lodge at the bottom of the mountain (this can be repeated a few dozen times), and then continue the trek to the outlets.

  • Substitute breath mints instead of bread for the sacrament. (Note: At first I thought it was a terrible idea, but if we've already swapped the wine for plain water, it may not be too big of a stretch. The positives are very obvious - especially to those sitting next to Brother Harold. I may have to run this one by The Brethren.)

  • Along with handicapped parking, add 'Especially-Blessed' parking for the family with the most expensive car in the Ward. (Note: I know this was your suggestion, Brother Morgan).

    1. Bishop,

      I love the suggestions but I have one request regarding the position of bathroom facilitator. I wanted to ask now to ensure we have the standard unanimous sustaining vote, once the official callings are made. I'd like to request that a couple of the sisters in the ward NOT be considered for the calling of "bathroom facilitator" in the ladies room. The sisters I am talking about are sister Dawn Samuels and her roommate. They rent the duplex over on 1400 east together. The roommate's name slips my mind, but she's the muscular lady with the short spiky hair. She looks a little like K.D. Lang--you know the one I'm talking about. I'm not comfortable explaining my reasons here on the ward blog, but feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.


    2. Good point. Perhaps Dawn can serve in the Men's room. Inspiration strikes at strange moments, sometimes.