Friday, July 17, 2009

Ward YM/YW Activities Calendar July Update

All I can say it, “Wow!” Our youth leaders are the best. Here is what the Young Men and Young Women can look forward to in the second half of July.

Tuesday, July 21st

  • Deacons – Swimming Merit Badge – Bring a towel; we’ll be heading to the pool for some fun!

  • Teachers – Pizza, homemade root beer and a movie at Brother Johnson’s house

  • Priests – Hiking to Stewart Falls. Don’t forget your permission slips. We’ll be riding the ski lift up at Sundance, and then hiking into Stewart Falls. Wear a pair of shorts, or a swimsuit!

  • Young Women combined activity: Review of the new addition to the Young Women’s Personal Progress program – Virtue!

    Tuesday July 28th

  • YM combined activity – Water slide and BBQ at Peteet Neet in Payson. Tons of fun! We’ll be laying down the big plastic tarp again to slide down the steep slopes at Peteet Neet. Wear a swimsuit! Anyone that can stay on their feet the whole way down gets a steak, instead of a hot dog!

  • Young Women combined activity: Create “I’m virtuous – hands off!” T-Shirts as a reminder to all of the Young Men with non-virtuous thoughts.

    1. There's also a splendid shirt out there that says "I've upped my standards, so up yours" Maybe the YW can make that one next month? It was a great success in our ward - All members of the SP showed up - and a few regional reps, too. They had a long meeting with our bishop - I imagine it was about how they could incorporate such teachings in other wards.

    2. Wow, I'll have to look for a template for that T-shirt. I'm always willing to take a chance on expanding and spreading the word.