Monday, July 27, 2009

Ward Suggestion Box

To make this week's suggestions more interesting, I'm going to try using my Bishop Intuition to guess at who made the suggestions:

  • In-Church supply of dry ice for home-made root beer.
    -I'm guessing either Brother Barrows, or Brother Mark.

  • All primary-age kids should be required to wear diapers, so that they don't have to be escorted to the bathroom by the Primary Presidency.
    -Sister Turner - I know this was from you!

  • 'Hall of Shame' area on hall bulletin board listing any man caught looking at Internet porn.
    -My guess is this is from Sis Werner, Sis Gartner, or Sis Hendry. Perhaps I shouldn't have guessed on this one...

  • Release that creepy Brother Hicks from being a Primary Teacher.
    -Ok, I'm guessing this is from Sister Williams. Note to Sister Williams: your boy is terribly behaved and I'm sure that Brother Hicks having Stephen sit on his lap was for disciplinary actions only. Well, I'm fairly sure.

    1. I'm confused. Was it Bro Hicks or Bro Ham that Sister Williams wants released? You said that Sister Williams requested Bro Hicks get released, but went on to say that Stephen Williams was sitting on Bro Ham's lap. Maybe they team teach the class and the request was to have both released? Either way, I agree that neither should be teaching primary. I'm not comfortable elaborating, but I would advise you to run a search on their names on the sex offendor registry...

    2. Monomo - Thanks for pointing that out. Corrected.