Friday, May 8, 2009

No More Paper Agendas

Starting this week, we will no longer be handing out printed agendas for Bishopric, PEC, Ward Council, or Ward Welfare meetings. As you know, many of the topics discussed in these meetings - like Brother Noggin's recent deer poaching arrest - are personal and confidential.

Also, I've recently had three members preemptively turn down callings after they saw their names on a list of potential candidates.

So, to ensure confidentiality and keep our system of catching people off-guard for callings intact, we're going to start using Etcha-Sketches, which will then be shaken after each meeting to clear the notes. In conjunction with this policy change, we've called Brother Hamm as the Ward agenda preparer. Hopefully he's fast with his fingers!


  1. Such a fabulous idea! Was that idea mentioned in the suggestion box, or did it just come from your brilliant brain? Now when I'm bored in Ward Council, I'll have something to keep myself occupied. The only problem with the Etcha-Sketch is . . . how will we ever have any proof of the decisions being made? Write it on an Etcha-Sketch, shake it, and the proof is literally gone. You will not be held accountable to anyone anymore. Hey, wait a minute. I think I've stumbled onto the real reason you've put this new policy in place!

  2. Dear Bishop Young,

    Mother and I have been to 'ToysRUs', Wal-Mart, Target and even Dollar Tree to locate one of the Etcha-Sketches that you so eloquently described in your latest epistle to the ward members. I have fast fingers and am quick on my feet. You can rest assured that should I be called as your executive secretary that any notes I take would be safe on the new recording device since no one can read my writing anyway.

    "Mums" and I have decided to attend every ward in Spanish Fork since we cannot locate your address in the phone book. You might want to check the lettering on your building as some of the numbers may have fallen off. Thanks.


  3. Vanessa - The Man in the Sky needs nothing written down to hold people accountable. While they may be invisible to you and I, there is One that knows all. Or maybe several that knows all, or nearly all.

    Ricky - My, how you've been missed...