Friday, May 8, 2009

Ward Suggestion Box

In my ever-vigilant pursuit of perfection, I decided that we could benefit from an anonymous suggestion box. There were times as a less-high-ranking member when I would have liked to have told the Bishop how to do a better job, but couldn't out of fear of getting called into the nursery.

Well, now's your chance to make your voice count, or at least entertain us during Bishopric meetings. If you're only suggestion is that Brother Harold be given breath mints, please see Sister Grissel.


  1. I think the ward members should be instructed to take the seats in the back of the chapel as they come into sacrament meeting. That way those arriving late will be forced to walk to the front to find a seat. Just a little added incentive to be on time.

    Oh...wait a minute…OK, how about this?

    We have assigned seats. The confusion and disorientation that occurs when you walk into the chapel and someone is in your usual seat is almost overwhelming. I for one would feel much more comfortable having The Church make this decision for me.

  2. Dave - Good suggestion. I've visited some other Churches in the past with friends of mine, where the members have the opportunity to pay for specific seats. It's kinda like paying for seats at a ball game. For some strange reason, the highest priced seats are in the front, which seems counter-intelligent to me, but perhaps that could fit with your suggestion and boost the ward budget to boot!

  3. Dear Bishop Mike,

    I have another suggestion.

    I think it would be well if you started a Honors Gospel Doctrine Class. We could discuss the weightier points of the Gospel. Kolob, Adam-God doctrine, Zelph, sexually deprived angels with flaming swords, and of course the merits of eliminating Sunday School etc.

    We could leave the mamby pamby topics to the regular GD class.