Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nursery Upgrade

The Spirit this past Sunday night was in an especially-generous mood, and I had one of those not-too-infrequent, 'A-ha!,' moments that I thought were reserved for Stake Presidents and above.

After some work on the phone yesterday, I was able to find a sponsor for some restaurant-style beepers that will now be handed out to each parent dropping off a child in nursery. If your child is terrible, you'll feel that special tingling that only comes from the Spirit, or a restaurant vibrator. (On that note, will someone please ensure that Brother Hicks doesn't get a hold of one of these?)

Does anyone else receive an idea sometimes and think, "This is the one that may just get me called up to the Big Leagues?" Anyway, please enjoy this new convenience and remember that the Olive Garden (our sponsor) has soup, salad and delicious bread sticks as a lunch special on Thursday for only $4.99.


  1. Bishop,

    Small problem here...I generally drop the twins off at nursery and then head home to relax and catch up on some of the Sunday sporting events. I find sacrament meeting is enough to fulfill my spiritual needs (not to mention it is early enough not to conflict with some of my favorite Sunday broadcasts). It is my understanding that these vibrating units don't work from long distances. Is that a problem? This could really throw a wrench into my Sunday routine. The spirit has revealed to me that this is a really bad idea. It seems "the spirit" has guided each of us in a different direction. Please advise.

  2. Pass it to your wife, or a good friend (anyone other than Brother Hicks).

  3. Bishop,

    What a great idea, and some say our leaders are not inspired of God.

    This proves the church is true.

  4. Dave - I'm glad you're seeing the light!

  5. Dear Bishop Young,

    Mother said I was not allowed to respond to this one. Sorry.


  6. As a former nursery leader, I have often thought we needed these!!! About time the Bishop remembered the nursery! ;)

  7. First the playground equipment and now beepers-Things are running much more smoothly in our nursery thanks to your inspiration, Bishop!

    Now whenever a toddler has a poopy diaper that needs changing or a child in the Jr. Primary needs to go to the bathroon we can just beep the parents rather than having to interrupt Gospel Doctrine Class in the Cultural Hall each week as we search through a crowd of faces until parents are located.

    As for my own inspiration, my idea of electric shock dog collars to prevent the nursery children from trying to escape wasn't received too warmly in our Primary Presidency Meeting earlier this week.