Friday, April 3, 2009

Economic Relief

Due to the rapidly-deteriorating economy, I thought we should be creative and facilitate some intra-Ward opportunities for those in need of some extra cash. So, I've spent a lot of time developing what I feel is a fair price sheet for some of the common items that we're asked to do as members, but would really rather not do - and in some cases would pay to have someone else receive these 'blessings.'

Feel free to haggle (or Indian leg wrestle) for better pricing:

Write normal sacrament talk ------- $30
Write funny sacrament talk --------- $40
Give the talk for you ------------------ $60

Home Teaching visit ------------------ $10/family
Visiting Teaching visit ---------------- $10/visit
VT Phone Call -------------------------- $5/call
VT Email -------------------------------- $2/email

Write SS/EQ/RS Lesson ------------- $15/lesson
Teach SS/EQ/RS Lesson ------------ $25/lesson
Teach Primary Class (2 hr) ---------- $15

Attend Bishopric Meeting ----------- $15
Attend PEC Meeting ------------------ $12
Attend Ward Council Meeting ------ $10 ($12 before 9am)
Attend Ward Welfare Meeting ------ $14 ($16 before 9am)
Attend Stake Planning/Prep Mtg --- $40

Attend Temple Recommend Interview ---- $30, plus $10 per confessed sin
Give Temple Recommend Interview (Bishops only) - $20, plus $20 per confessed sin unless it's interesting

Visit loved ones ------------------------ $30/hr non-elderly, $60/hr elderly


  1. Dear Bishop Young,

    I have been trying to speak in sacrament meeting for my entire life. When I was in Primary some of the other children were asked to speak many times and I never got the call. This could have been because I always had everything turned upside down and still couldn't figure out what anything said. Thankfully, they have developed "eagles eyes" which enables me to speak into a microphone and the words get typed onto the paper. Mommy has to read my letters because my thoughts sometimes turn into unprintable words.

    As to my name...Mommy and Daddy wanted to call me John Galt Tavi but they were afraid that people would be asking, "Who is John Galt?" Is being a mongoose a bad thing? Please advise. Thanks.


  2. Dear Bishop Young,

    PS--If you want to pay me to speak that would be great but I would still do it for free if you want me to. Thanks.


  3. To be clear:

    I make the assignments. I don't pay anyone. That's left to the members in private transactions (not in the chapel, please).

    That being said, I'm not sure if that incident with the rats plays to your favor.

  4. I would love you to add some specialty items/pricing to the price sheet that have to do with the following:
    Missionary Opportunities
    Enrichment Meetings
    Working in the Nursery
    Making Handouts for YW

    I need some recommendations on pricing, as I will be needing to pay someone for help with all of these next week.

    It will be so nice to get the credit for all this service without doing any of the actual work.

    Thanks for the great idea!!