Monday, April 20, 2009

Get to know the Ward Newbies

Please join me in raising the right hand of fellowship to the Nelson family! They’ve moved to our Ward from Ephraim after an outbreak of the avian tape worm wreaked havoc on their turkey farm. John Nelson and his wife Eileen are parents to Samuel, Salomon, Sariah, Sampson, Sarah, Saul, Sadie, and Sage.

Ummm, perhaps someone could quietly hint to Brother Nelson that the Earth is now sufficiently replenished? Any more multiplying should be limited to their pets.


  1. Some wards have had success throwing "Ward Vasectomy" nights, make it a potluck and it'd be a family affair.

  2. Great idea, but just an inch outside of my comfort zone. Perhaps at the next Ward potluck, I'll place some brochures on spay and neutering next to the beef and noodle casseroles.