Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relief Society Homemaker Kits - now only $1,110

Sister Morgan has come up with a unique kit that can be a solid starting-point for all LDS households, and saves the Sister's the time of putting it together themselves. Plus, Sister Morgan has been blessed with lots of money, and thus has very good taste. The kits include:

  • One of the new black & white temple pictures of the temple you were married in, or the one you would like to be sealed in, or the Salt Lake temple if neither of the first two apply.
  • One 12 inch marble Christus statue
  • Three Willow Tree statues. One of a family praying, one of a mother holding a child, and one of a mother with eight kids taking a Xanax (a new limited-edition statue)
  • Hilarious joke painting of Mark Twain being baptized by Brigham Young, while Tom, Huck and Jim stand around them. You just have to see it.
  • Three old, unique, black & white pioneer pictures that you can claim were your ancestors walking across the plains
  • Two needle-points of Jesus - one around a group of kids and the other carrying a sheep

    Money-back guarantee if you don't feel the spirit upon entering the front room!

    1. SQUEEE!! Willow Tree Statues!!

      What, no Greg Olson paintings? Or were those the ones converted to needlepoint? Sorry, I get confused over which painter painted Jesus with kids and which one painted Him carrying a sheep.