Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feel the Inspiration

One of my favorite pastimes as a Bishop is pondering, whether at home, or in Sacrament meeting. My wife tries to call it 'napping,' but it's definitely pondering. It just so happens that pondering is more effective for me with my eyes closed.

Well, one of the inspirations that hit me during a long pondering session was a way to increase spirituality among the Ward leaders. I've long drawn inspiration from my Grandfather Jacob. He was not only a Bishop and Stake President, but the founder of the first men's softball league in Spanish Fork - a true visionary.

To feel inspired by Grandpa Jacob, I only need to look upon his urn sitting on my fireplace mantle. Just knowing that a piece of him (actually all pieces) are there fills me with inspiration. (Sister Stone called as the Ward baked goods and pickle-canning advisor? Yep! - It was Grandpa Jacob.) So, I've decided to share Grandpa (literally) with the Ward leaders!

Starting this Sunday, Grandpa Jacob will be making the rounds to each leader's house for one week. He can be placed in a prominent position within the front room where his influence might be best felt and pondered upon. Then each week, the recipient can return-and-report.

If this idea creeps you out, we can substitute the urn with a picture of Grandpa Jacob, but I can't guarantee the same level of inspiration.

Just a quick note - no séances or Ouija boards should be used to try and directly communicate with Grandpa. Rubbing the urn is acceptable, as is including it in your family prayer circle.

Feel the inspiration!
Bishop Young


  1. OK, Bishop! This one tops them all. I am now 100% positive that I need to start attending a new ward. Our family does not need the terrifying responsibility of caring for your Grandpa Jacob's ashes. We have a cat that may believe Grandpa Jacob is actually a litter box. Haven't you seen Meet the Parents?!

  2. Dear Bishop Young,

    I am looking for an apartment in your ward boundaries so that I can participate in the urnspiration. We could put individual plates on the urn just like the Stanley Cup and make it a real blessing to have the urn in our homes. Meanwhile, I'll keep knocking on doors and making phone calls to get your telephone number and ward location. You truly are an inspiration.

    PS--Do you mind if Mother moves into your ward as well? She wants to continue to proofread these comments.


  3. Vanessa - Don't knock it, until you try it. Also, it was clearly mentioned that this was only for the Ward leaders. So, unless things changes (increased donations never hurt), then you don't have to worry about having the blessings of Grandfather in your house.

    Ricky - See previous comments concerning Joaquin Phoenix. They clearly apply here.

  4. You are so rude! I am a Ward leader -- don't you remember, I'm the Nursery leader?!