Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Ward Callings

Please join me in congratulating the following on their new callings:

Sister Hicks – Primary male-teacher supervisor. Watches for closed doors when men are teaching, or kids in a ‘time-out’ on a male teacher’s lap. Remember – two men minimum per class, and doors open!

Brother Bertle – tends the Nursery’s pet turtle. Sometimes I kill myself.

Brother Noggin – Ward shotgun safety instructor

Sister Noggin – Ward deer meat specialist

Brother Hicks – Napping High Priest nudger


  1. Please remind Sister Hicks to check in on the CTR 8 class. The kids have been telling me they've been getting Bucking Bronco Rides from Brother Whoopee. I really don't know how he ties that into the lesson. Perhaps we should have him attend the Teacher Development course so he can learn that "horsie" rides are only appropriate when reinacting Pioneer stories.

  2. That's just great... What's next, airplane rides at Church?!! Thank you for reporting this behavior. I thought the tick-checking and 'steam-roller' incidents at Scout camp last summer would have put an end to his shenanigans.