Friday, April 10, 2009

FHE Idea - Costco!

Here's an idea that I had while building my two-year supply of tater-tots and Diet Coke: Costco could serve as a great host for a family night.

You could (at least in Utah) head first to the book section and pick up a great new book by a General Authority, like, 'Saying it Like It Is,' by Sheri Dew. Then, migrate to the home and garden area where the family can gather around one of the patio furniture tables on display for the reading time.

Moving next to the cheap keyboard displays, you can sing a quick little Primary song without drawing too much attention, except from the child stalkers.

Next, swing by the games aisle to let the kids get a good look at what they won't be getting for Christmas.

And finally - snack time! The variety of snack offered by Costco is fantastic! I've also found that if you make a slow 30-minute track around all the snack servers, that you can go around at least 2-3 times before they start to recognize you.

There you have it! A fun-filled FHE night at Costco that requires zero prep work.

You're welcome!

Bishop Young

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