Monday, April 27, 2009

Practicing the Law of Consecration

With the bad economic times that we're experiencing, I've had several inquiries concerning the Law of Consecration and the United Order. I've always lumped the United Order in with polygamy as odd practices of the early Church that no one was really excited about bringing back. Although, there's always been this lingering idea that at some point both might be put back into active use.

So, while we're waiting for the call to pack up and head east to Missouri, I thought it wouldn't hurt to at least get a taste of practicing the Law of Consecration (we're going to hold off on polygamy for now). In the true spirit of the United Order, those that have been blessed in abundance can share their blessings with those that have not been righteous enough to have received the same bounteous blessings.

Starting Memorial Day weekend (May 22nd), the practice of the Law will begin with the availability of the following:

  • Four 2008 Skidoo jet skis - Arrange pick up times with Brother or Sister Morgan
  • One 2007 ski boat and trailer - Coordinate with the Hunsaker's - truck not provided.
  • RV and two dirt bikes (250cc) - Schedule with Brother Mortensen - don't forget to top off the gas before returning!
  • Town home in St. George - Just give the Peterson's a call to book your time

  • That should be a good start. If any of you have other suggestions for items that you'd like to see added to the practice, just let me know. I'm looking forward to a summer of increased brotherly love, communality , and great tans. We'll discontinue the practicing of the Law of Consecration after Labor Day weekend (September 7th).

    Always Thinking of You,

    Bishop Mike T. Young


    1. Bishop,
      The spirit just inspired me to consider what could be consecrated in the winter months. I believe the Johnson's have a nice pair of Arctic Cat 500's that would make for a great FHE of family bonding near Strawberry Reservoir (albeit at 60 mph). Also, I know that Elder Crick has some new ice fishing gear (perhaps we could make that a combined activity and have the ladies clean the fish and prepare them for food storage... just a thought).

      Bro. Jasper

    2. Bro Jasper - Now that's the spirit! I think the Johnson's have been hiding their Arctic Cats. I've only seen them being loaded on a trailer after midnight. Someone may have tipped them to the Consecration practice. The Crick's ice-fishing gear is sure to be included in the winter Consecration offerings list.

      Thanks for the watchful-eye!

      Bishop Young

    3. Does Sister Morgan know about the reinstatement of the Law of Consecration? I just called her about borrowing her Skidoo jet skis and she said her family would be using them all summer!! She sure doesn't seem in the spirit of things. You may want to call her in for an interview to "straighten" things out! Let her know I'd like to be penciled in for July 3rd-July 26th.

    4. Vanessa - Well, I'm not surprised. Back in the day, it took the Sisters awhile to come around on polygamy as well, but I'm sure she'll get with the program shortly. However, we must remember not to be greedy in our requests. I'll put you down for 4th of July week for the skidoos.

      Bishop M.T. Young

    5. Very nice. But Srsly, I consider it consecration when I let the scouts take my truck to scout camp without me. No, I don't mean I let the scouts drive! Besides, that way I don't have to spend the week with them.

    6. Michael - That definitely qualifies as going the second, or third mile. I think you'd find agreement that if consecrating the truck means you don't have to spend the week with the Scouts, sign us up!

      Bishop Young