Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Nursery Equipment!

I’ll admit to a reality – when selecting members for Ward Nursery Leaders, we take what we can get. We start with high-hopes, but after the normal turn-downs, we end up with people who just cave to the pressure of authority. Typically, the percentage of members turning down this calling is about 4x that of the second least-popular calling of the Ward: Gospel Doctrine teacher.

With the unpopularity of the Nursery in mind, I’ve received approval from the Stake to install some new playground equipment right in the Nursery room. Moms, instead of trying to perform stealth get-aways, only to hear your child screaming when they turn around and don’t see you there – they’ll run to the Nursery! You have to admit - every once in a while, the Spirit helps me come up with a really great idea.

To help pay for the nursery equipment Brother Grissel has offered to donate his time performing lip waxings (Sisters only) for only $10 ($25 for Sister Canter). Additionally, Sister Grissel will be teaching a class this Tuesday night at 7pm at the Church on creative jello sculptures – just $15!


  1. I loved nursery duty. Kids that age are far less judgmental than their parents, so you get to avoid the deep discussions in GD as to whether or not buying a soda from a machine on Sunday counts as patronizing a business, and the RS sister who thinks you're evil for having a job outside your home but can tell you the plotlines of every soap opera and every guest Oprah has had for the past ten years. Plus, there are toys, books and snacks.

    LOL at your profile!

  2. Lynne - Welcome, and thanks for the insights! We could really use you in our Ward, and could guarantee you an eternal spot in the Nursery (well, for at least the next five years). For what it's worth, I don't consider buying a soda from a vending machine on Sunday as breaking the Sabbath as long as it has a high-caffeine content and used as a non-sleep aid in Church meetings. Or reading scriptures. Or shared with family - especially the sick.

  3. Dear Bishop Young,

    Mother said that we could donate our swingset to your nursery. There is very little rust and I think the chains are in good condition. The slide may need a little work as some of the metal has crinkled. Please let me know a phone number where you can be reached and we will deliver it right to the nursery.



  4. Maybe next time, Ricky. The Ward can only support so much liability.